Saturday, April 16, 2011

Firebird Resurrection

Been on this spray/splatter brush kick for a bit… Initially I was just using them here and there in my drawings as accents or shadows, portions of backgrounds etc…

I thought it would be fun creating entire pieces with them, and the ones I've done have been. So far the process is kind of of mix of the the vector stuff I was doing in my first few DBH subs and the drawing approach I currently use a lot. I start with a simple drawing (or sketch) then cut vector shapes like an airbrush artists cuts a mask and break the illo into pieces that way. Then once I get to something I like, I use it as a foundation (or base). I make more masks above and/or below the "base" image and build the drawing that way. PS is so awesome. I remember when it was all about tracing paper and light tables (even used a window a few times) for transferring a sketch and it took a long time to get things done.

I used to draw a lot in pencil and was all about the smudge stick and I think that's part of it. Another is I had to take a break from the usual ..I can't stand drawing the same piece over and over and that's what I feel I was doing. At least my approach was the same; it gets boring and when I get bored it shows in my art. I'm sure I'll get back to drawing detailed illustrations soon. It's just nice to take a break now and then and luckily for now, I can still afford to.

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